About Us

Founded in April 2019, the New York Breakers is New York's newest Professional Sports Club and a founding member of the new and transformative International Swimming League.

When the 2018 Energy for Swim meet was officially canceled, Michael Andrew felt compelled to act against FINA.  He risked his career and became one of the three named plaintiffs in the class-action suit against FINA filed late last year.  Michael fully understood the risk of possibly not being able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

After meeting Konstantin Grigorishin and further discussions at the 2018 ISL Summit in London, Konstantin offered Michael and his parents, Peter and Tina Andrew, the opportunity to start a pro team as part of the inaugural members of the International Swimming League as their passion and vision for the sport aligned.  

New York Breaker's passion lies in creating opportunities for pro swimmers to be able to make a living doing what they love and to earn an equitable share of the massive revenues generated in Olympic sports.

It is a great honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to be involved in something that will create true lasting change and open doors for hundreds of children with dreams of becoming pros doing what they love.  We are grateful for the sacrifice and financial investment that Konstantin is risking for Pro Swimmers and the sport of swimming.

The ISL Backstory

Konstantin Gregorishin Co-Owner of New York Breakers and Owner of the International Swimming League (The mind behind ISL).

Born on 16 November 1965 in Ukraine. 

 A Ukrainian national, a business heavyweight in energy and heavy industry sectors in Ukraine, a philanthropist, a discerning art collector, a passionate swimming supporter…

K was a stranger to swimming until his son, Ivan, enrolled in a children’s swimming program at the age of eight and got hooked.  K joined to keep him company in his hobby but, above all, for the health benefits swimming gave.  That interest has since evolved into a genuine passion, sustained over the years, to be applied towards a groundbreaking endeavor on the global swimming scene.  To change the face of the sport of swimming forever.

In 2011 K formed and supported a children’s swimming community when they lived in Moscow;

On K’s initiative, the first dual meet between the teams of Dynamo (Moscow) – Meteor (Dnipro) was delivered in December 2012 for children aged 13-14. The meet, hosted in Dnipro, marked the launch of “Energy Standard Cup” annual junior series (the chronology of meets; each successive meet was designed to build on the progress of the predecessor.

From 2013 to 2017 Konstantin was a sponsor of Ukrainian Swimming Federation.  This was a period that saw a rapid rise of Unkrainian swimming talent in international competitions, and the introduction of innovative approaches to athlete preparation.  In 2014, K was elected to the position of Head of the Board of Trustees at Ukrainian Swimming Federation.

The same year, International Swimming Club “Energy Standard” was founded in Ukraine, whose mission is to promote the sport of competitive swimming in the spirit of true sportsmanship and fair play, develop swimmers of the elite class. Since its inception, the Club has seen the growth of athletes: Chad le Clos, Benjamin Proud, Sophie Mary Harvie, Georgia Davis, Anastasia Shkurdai, Mykhailo Romachuk, Sergii Frolov, Serhii Shevtsov, Denys Kesil, Maksim Stupin, Kliment Kolesnikov. The Club has recently signed Sarah Sjostrom.

Overall, more than 250 athletes of various ages and backgrounds have benefited from the opportunities the Club has provided.

From 2017 until now – Energy Standard Group has been an official sponsor of Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN);

K has directly experienced swimming from a number of different standpoints: as an amateur swimmer (and father of a swimmer with professional aspirations), a healthy lifestyle advocate, a swimming club founder, a patron of national federation as a partner of European Swimming Federation, and as a business-minded person with a strong background in sport.  

Navigating the swimming scene over time, from a business perspective K has realized the huge growth potential of the sport, which, until now, has remained untapped.  He conceived the idea of swimming of the future adopting the format of inter-club team competitions, following in the mold of other team sports.  The idea was soon put to test with great success when the launch of “Energy for Swim 2017”, a high-profile meet in Rome that saw over 23 Olympic champions race for their charitable causes. The meet led to a lot of interest from athletes, swimming aficionados and a significant TV audience, as it was streamed and watched by __ viewers from __ countries, as well as at capacity crowd at the venue.

Following the meet, in November 2017, the concept was further refined and the first steps towards the International Swimming League, inspired and sponsored by K.  The aim of the ISL is to revolutionize and modernize the sport of sport of swimming, bringing it into the 21st century by unlocking athletes' commercial prospects and career potential.  Showcasing a new format in addition to existing ones, the ISL promises to draw a spike in interest from a global TV audience, and to attract additional sources of financing to swimming, ultimately to the benefit of athletes, coaches and; swimming clubs enabling them to achieve economic sustainability and performance potential. 


Team Andrew, Peter Andrew, Tina Andrew & Michael Andrew 


Peter Andrew (49), Michael (19), and Tina Andrew (46), the co-founders of the New York Breakers, are on a mission to change the sport of swimming.  This trio has become the sport's most intriguing story of their generation. 

Together, this dynamic team intends to live up to their Breakers moniker in every way. The team's name encapsulates the energy of the franchise. From the breaking waves of their laid-back West Coast home and their gritty New York 'whatever it takes' approach to building a powerhouse franchise in the world's most powerful marketplace, the Breakers are bringing waves of change to the sport of swimming. Most importantly, the name Breakers conveys the team's ongoing desire to break the mold, break the rules, innovate, and create a new definition of what it means to be a 'professional swimmer.'