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Peter, Tina & Michael Andrew

New York Breakers

Our Mission

The New York Breakers’ mission is to establish a winning culture by rewriting the playbook for pro swimmers.  Our mission is to provide a highly competitive and team-oriented professional swim team where character and personhood are valued on the same scale as performance; one where athletes and coaches alike are motivated by a higher purpose than self; and one where the words 'team' and 'family' are used interchangeably. We believe in providing financial security and building wealth for every member of the team so that we are all free to perform at our best, making it a reality to make a living in the sport we love. We believe that our values will offer future investors exciting opportunities & reasons to invest in our sport and enter into win/win partnerships.

How Did The Club Start?

When the 2018 Energy for Swim meet was officially cancelled, Michael Andrew felt compelled to act against FINA. He risked his career and became one of the three named plaintiffs in the class-action suit against FINA filed late last year. Michael fully understood the risk of possibly not being able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

After meeting Konstantin Grigorishin and further discussions at the 2018 ISL Summit in London, Konstantin offered Michael and his parents, Peter and Tina Andrew, the opportunity to start a pro team as part of the inaugural members of the International Swimming League as their passion and vision for the sport aligned.

New York Breaker's passion lies in creating opportunities for pro swimmers to be able to make a living doing what they love and to earn an equitable share of the massive revenues generated in Olympic sports.

It is truly a great honor and privilege to be given the opportunity to be involved in something that will create true lasting change and open doors for hundreds of children with dreams of becoming pros doing what they love. We are grateful for the sacrifice and financial investment that Konstantin is risking for Pro Swimmers and the sport of swimming.

Our Core Values

Higher Purpose & Family

Our organization is founded on the principles of our faith in God. We believe in generous living, servant leadership, and community impact. We understand the importance of a strong supportive family and respect the sanctity of the families that are a part of our organization. Alone we can accomplish great things, together we can change the world (Estrada). 


We define excellence as consistently surpassing expectations, being diligent in the small things, which results in an exponential competitive advantage. We value the pursuit and deliverance of excellence.


We treat each other, our competitors and partners fairly, and expect the same in return.

Positive Mental Attitude

We believe the foundation for all successful endeavors begins in the mind. A positive mental attitude equips an athlete to overcome challenges, fuels hope for a better future and creates real change.

Seeing and Doing Things Differently

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We believe the future holds great opportunities for leaders who are willing to leverage fresh perspectives, willing to disrupt (break) and adapt (rebuild) that which is lacking. Only dead fish go with the flow!

Peter Andrew, Tina Andrew & Michael Andrew, New York Breakers Co-Owners


One of the core values of the New York Breakers is our belief that we function optimally when we are generous and that we are working for a higher purpose.  We have partnered with the PAMS Foundation to raise awareness and funds for wildlife conservation in Tanzania.

The great rhinoceros has given to our team both its likeness and its guiding spirit of wisdom, gratitude, grounding, and unconventionality. We wish to support PAMS' efforts to protect critically endangered wildlife like the rhino in Africa.

This partnership allows us to extend the legacy of Wayne Lotter - who in life was a personal friend of African natives and New York Breakers co-founders Peter and Tina Andrew. Wayne Lotter was a co-founder of the PAMS foundation, and in life had a passion for wildlife and wild places. He was a conservation warrior, a strategist, a trailblazer with resolute determination and courage. Lotter’s approach to life, work, and the things he cared about so deeply was much like the tactics one needs when exploring the deep African wilderness.

In 2017, Wayne was shot and killed in a taxi in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, following a number of death threats. The PAMS foundation funded Tanzania's elite national anti-poaching task force that has been for arrests of major ivory traffickers including Yang Feng Glan, the so-called “Queen of Ivory." The task force has arrested and gotten conviction of thousands of traffickers and was featured in the Netflix documentary The Ivory Wars.
Wayne was a trailblazer, and in that way he embodies the spirit of the Breakers. He found paths through what was before only dense impenetrable bush. He pushed aside fallen branches, endured the searing heat of the sun as it baked down on Africa, and forded many raging rivers. When we carry our rhino symbol into competition, we know we carry with us the spirit of Wayne, and we wish to do homage to his legacy with the PAMS Foundation.

Click the link below to learn more about the PAMS Foundation and to make a donation to help preserve the natural wonders of our planet.


Looking to do something special for something today? Ready Wayne Lotter's story here and please consider supporting PAMS Foundation!


American Professional Swimming Team

Founded in 2019

Competing Member of International Swimming League

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